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Are you looking for great tools at a great price? Think "Tool Hunter"

We were looking over some of the nerd-level analytical data that we get for our blogs and have noticed an interesting trend: When folks find tools on our blogs, and bid, they run a good chance of winning the item! Take a look at the info at right (Click on it to Biggie-size).
This is from the dashboard that eBay gives us to track the traffic from our Tool-Hunter blogs, and what it shows is the number of bids placed by our readers and the success rate of their bids. Now, not everyone is successful, but what this shows is a trend that has been improving over the past two years that we've been blogging. Granted, our blogs aren't traditional "blogs", in that we don't feel the need to post when we have nothing fresh to say. No, our goal is connecting lovers of fine tools with , well, more fine tools! We hope this describes you and if so we encourage you to check-out all of our "Tool-Hunter" blogs. You'll find them listed on our launch page at this link:

Thanks for joining us, and please drop us a line if anything comes to mind that you'd like to see on these blogs; or if you have a tool to promote.


Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "M"

Snap-On Measuring:
(Calipers / Magnetic Bases / Dividers / Feeler Gauges / Measuring Sets / Straight Edges / Steel Rules / Micrometers And Sets / Tape Rules And Levels / Timing Gauges / Dial Test Indicator Sets)
Snap-On Mirrors / Pick Up Tools
(Mirrors / Magnetic pick-up tools / Claws)
Snap-On Motorcycle Service Tools And Equipment
(Harley Davidson tools / motorcycle lifts)

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "N"

Snap-On Nut Splitters And Cable Cutters

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "O"

Snap-On O.E.M. Set Building
This search includes tools sets for the following O.E.M.'s (Original Equipment Manufacturer):
Chrysler O.E.M. Sets / Ford O.E.M. Sets / General Service O.E.M. Sets / Gm O.E.M. Sets / Honda O.E.M. Sets / Toyota O.E.M. Sets / Volkswagen O.E.M. Sets)

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "P"

Snap-On Paint Spray
(Including: HVLP / Non-HVLP / air brush / air guns)

Snap-On Parts Washers (Very low traffic)

(Including: Aqueous Based / Parts Cleaning / Parts Washer Accessories / Portable Parts Washers / Solvent Based)

Snap-On Piston Service Tools
(Including: Dead-blow Mallets / TDC Indicators / Ring Compressors / Ring Expanders / Ring Groove Cleaner)

Snap-On Pliers
(Including: Adjustable Joint / Combination / Slip-Joint / Cutters / Lineman’s / Locking Clamps / Welding Clamps And Pliers / Locking Pliers / Long-Reach Pliers And Cutters / Needle Nose
Pliers And Cutters (Blue-Point) / Retaining Ring)

Snap-On Air Tools

(Including: Hammers, Ratchets, Cutters, Grinders, Drills, Impact tools, Micro tools, Sanders, Polishers, Punches, Engravers, Nibblers, Reciprocating saws, Remove All, Shears, Spotwelding tools, Vacuums

Snap-On Air Tool Accessories
(Including: Air Hoses And Swivels / Air Line Couplers & Adaptors / Air/Cordless Tool Boots / Blow Guns / Grinding Burrs / Lubrication Accessories / Power Tool Accessories / Wire Brushes)

Snap-On Cordless Power Tools
(Including: Batteries / Chargers / Drills / Impact Wrenchs / Lights / Screwdrivers / 14.4 Volt Grinders / Grease Guns / Ratchets / Reciprocating Saws / Vacuums

Snap-On Electric Power Tools

(Including: Grinders / Drills / Impact Wrenches / Sanders / Polishers / Engravers)

Snap-On Presses (Very light activity)
(Including: Arbor Presses / Drill Presses / Bearing Presses / Hydraulic Floor and Bench Presses)

Snap-On Pressure Washers

Snap-On Prybars

Snap-On Pullers
(Including: Bearing Separators / Blind Hole Bearing / General Purpose Interchangeable / Hydraulic Accessories / Hydraulic Power Units / Industrial / Interchangeable Puller Sets)

Snap-On Punches & Chisels

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "S"

Snap-On Safety Equipment
(Including: Protective Eyeshields / Safety Glasses with Readers / Safety Glasses/Glass 1 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 12 and 13 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 16 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 20 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 3 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 4, 5, and 6 Series / Safety Glasses/Glass 9 and 10 Series / Safety Glasses/Harley-Davidson Series / Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles / Biker Style)

Snap-On Scrapers & Putty Knives
(Including: Brass Putty Knives & Scrapers / Heavy Duty Scrapers / Heavy Duty Striking Scrapers / Knife Blade Scrapers / Non-Marring Scrapers / Putty Knives & Scrapers / Rigid Carbon Scrapers & Scrapers / Striking Scrapers / Walnut Handled Scrapers / Wood Handle Scrapers)

Snap-On Screwdrivers
(Including: Bits / Hex Shank Bits / Power Bits / Blue-Point Sets / Flat Tip / Electronic Service
Flat Tip / Hard Handle / Instinct Hard Handle / Instinct Soft Handle / Nut Drivers / Phillips Tip / Pozidriv Tip / Hard Handle Ratcheting / Plastic Handle Ratcheting / Soft Grip Handle System / Screw Starters Sets / Combination Sets / Screwdriver Bit & Ratchet / Special Application / Torx Tip / Electronic Torx Tip / Instinct Hard Handle Torx Tip)

Snap-On Tool Sets (There are lots of 'em!)

Snap-On Shop Fans, Vacuums and Heaters

Snap-On Shop Supplies
(Including: Auto Care / Detailing / Back Supports / Arm Protectors / Knee Pads / Energy Drinks / Gloves / Glue Guns / Hand Cleaners / Lubrication / Mitchell Service Programs / M-Pact Gloves / Supercuff Gloves / Wire Brushes)

Snap-On SOLUS Scanner on-board automotive diagnostic tool

Snap-On Spark Plug Tools

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "T"

Snap-On Testing And Electronics Tools
(Including: Borescopes / Circuit Testers / Computer Digital Multimeters / Electrical Hand Held Gas Analyzers / Infrared Thermometers / Leak Detectors / Specialty Meters And Small Testers / Stethoscopes / Tachometers / Test Leads / Timing Lights)

Snap-On Thread Restoring Tools
(Including: Rethreading Taps & Dies / Special Purpose Thread Restoring Files / Thread Chasers)

Snap-On Threading Tools
(Including Tap & Die Sets)

Snap-On Tire & Wheel Tools
(Including: Axle Nut Sockets / Budd Wheel / Impact Socket Retainers /Lug/Retaining Nut Service Tools / Shackle Pin Impact Sockets / Spanner Sockets / Tire Pressure / Wheel Torque Tools

Snap-On Tool Storage
(Including: Classic Series / General / Heritage Series / Build-a-Bay (Stationary) Series / Master Series / Special Edition Storage Accessories)

Snap-On Torque Tools

(Including: Adjustable Click-Type /Adjustable Click-Type Torque Wrenches / Tq Series / Electronic Bench Top Torque Testers / Electronic Torque Tester and Calibrator / Electronic Torque Wrenches / Geared Head Multipliers / Interchangeable Head, Click-Type Torque Wrenches / T Handle Torqometer Torque Wrenches / Techwrench Torque Wrenches / Torqometer Torque Drivers - 1/4" Drive / Torqometer Torque Wrenches / Torque Angle Gauges / Torque Screwdrivers / Versatest Electronic Torque Tester / Versatorq Electronic Metering/Data Acquisition System)

Snap-On Tubing Tools
(Including: Bending Tools / Cutters / Flaring Tool Sets / Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Sets)

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "V"

Snap-On Valve Tools
(Including: Lifters / Compressors / Valve Adjustment Tools / Valve Guide Service Tools / Valve Refacing Tools / Valve Seat Tools / Valve Service Tools / Wheels & Pilots)

Snap-On Vises, Clamps and Work Benches (Yes, we're surprised too)

Snap-On Tools for Sale Begining with "W"

Snap-On Welding Tools and Supplies
(Including: Gas Welding / Plasma Cutters / Portable Mig Welders / Snap-On Muscle Mig / Mig Wire Feed Welders / Spot Welders / Tig Welders / Welding Accessories / Welding Clamps & Vises)

Snap-On Wheel & Axle Pullers
(Including: 20-ton Capacity Hydraulic / 35-ton Capacity Hydraulic / King Pin Puller Set / Manual Sets for 3/4 Ton and 1 Ton Pickup Trucks / Slide Hammers and Shafts / Wheel Hub Removal Adaptors / Wheel/Axle Hub Pullers)

Snap-On Wheel Alignment Tools
(Including: Ball Joint / Caster & Camber / Service Tools / Shock Absorber / Strut / Tie Rod)

Snap-On Wheel Balancing & Tire Changing Tools

Snap-On Wrenches (Hope you have all day.)

New Gerstner Tool Chest Blog

Yes, it's absolutely true that I need another blog like I need another hole in my head; but that doesn't seem to stop me, does it?   As a Dayton boy there are several local companies that you just know.  There's Shopsmith, NCR, Mead, Standard Register, Delco, and more.  The city of Dayton is even promoting these home-grown companies with a new "Dayton Patented" promotion.  
As a woodworker Shopsmith stands out as a great supplier of tools, but H. Gerstner & Sons is the pinnacle of craftsmanship.  They've made machinist's tool chest from wood since 1906!  I've been shopping for them for some time, and like this blog I've started a blog to make it easy for me to store my refined eBay search links and other data that I've collected over the years.  Some of the links on the blog will lead to tool chests from resellers like Woodcraft and Amazon, and other links will be to tool chest plans and parts.  

Drop by and check it out. 


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Looking to make some changes to this blog and need your input

Hey guys, Scott here. I know it's been a while since I made this blog and posted these links. I did this mainly to make my tool hunting easier. If you have any suggestions I'd like to here 'em. I'm just a great guy in High Point, NC, so feel free to send me a note at
Thanks, Scott

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